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Welcome to your new home! The entire staff at PCVST is dedicated to doing everything we can to make your move as smooth as possible. We take great pride in our community and ask that you adhere to the following procedures to make your move easy for you and your neighbors.
1. Select A Moving Company
  • If you are planning to move yourself, or have already chosen a moving company, feel free to skip to STEP 2: Schedule Your Move-In Time Slot.
  • If you need to select a mover, there is no need to worry or spend hours shopping the countless moving companies that service the five boroughs and beyond.
  • As a new resident, you have exclusive access to the free moving coordination services provided by OVAL Concierge, PCVST’s on-site concierge! Just call (212) 375-8110 and a concierge staff member will ask you a few questions about the date and size of your move, then make all of the scheduling arrangements you’ll need in order to obtain free estimates from one or more of their pre-screened, reputable movers. Due to their long-standing relationship with OVAL Concierge, these high quality vendors have agreed to special deals that could save you anywhere between $100 and $400.
  • OVAL Concierge is located at 17A Stuyvesant Oval on the First Avenue Loop road.
2. Submit your Moving Company’s Certificate of Insurance
3. Schedule Your Move-In Time Slot
4. Set Up the Appointment to Activate Your Telephone/Internet Service(s) Before Your Move
    5. Pick Up Your Keys/Access Cards
    6. Move–In On Your Scheduled Appointment Date
    7. Sign Up for the PCV OR ST Resident Portal
    8. Sign Up for the PCVST E-Newsletter
    9. Begin Exploring Your Community
    10. Noise Policy
    11. Things to Know